New image sequences under construction... a new experimental work in progress: Diabolus Ex Machina.
The gallery premiere coming up in January 2024 at Huuto gallery, Helsinki, Finland.

The work is supported by AVEK Audiovisual Centre.

Selected Screenings for Golden Headacher

Fredrikstad Animation Festival 19.-22.10.2023, Norway.

Luff, Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival,18.-22-10-2023, Lausanne Switzerland

Festival des Cinémas Différents et Expérimentaux de Paris, 11-15.10.23, Paris France

Balkanima, 19th European Animated Film Festival 4.-9.10.23, Belgrade, Serbia

Revolutions per Minute festival, Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts (27.9.-1.10.23), USA

Rising of Lusitania - Animadoc Film Festival 2023, 07-13.09.2023, Poland

Minikino Film Week in Bali, Indonesia September 2023

Fronteira Cine Brasília, from August 29th to September 3rd.

Turku Animated Film Festival, 23.-27.8.2023 Turku Finland

Animist Tallinn 16-19 August 2023, Tallinn, Estonia.

Animafest Zagreb, Kroatia 5-10 June 2023.

The TV premiere of Golden Headacher 13.5.23 23.20 @ YLE Teema/Fem
Available for watching in Finland @ YLE Areena for three years.

Poster: Lauri Järvenpää.