Bio & CV

b. 1973, I live and work in Merimasku, South-Western Finland.

I work as media artist using simple animation techniques requiring handcraft. I am impressed by the works of pioneering masters of experimental animation from 1920's to 1950's.

I was educated in the traditional techniques of animation making. In my work I am fascinated with reflecting on traditional rules of animation and figuring out ways to break or subvert them.

The basis of my work is a theme, a topic or some aesthetically interesting detail. Improvisation, movement and rhythm are important constituents of my works.

For twenty years I have explored trash, waste, the thrown away and the left behind. The visual world of my works is constructed upon the qualities of these materials, my observations about them and experimenting with their possibilities. I am also interested in organic material collected from nature and other found material and objects.

I am a member of AV-arkki - The Centre for Finnish Media Art, Artists' Association MUU and The Artists' Association of Finland.

My works are distributed by AV-arkki.


2004 BA/Turku University of Applied Sciences, The Academy of Arts.
1993 The Institute of Arts and Handicrafts of South-Western Finland, Blacksmith Artesan.


Does not include co-directed works, co-productions or productions prior to 2009.

Golden Headacher

Fredrikstad Animation Festival 19.-22.10.2023, Norway.

Luff, Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival,18.-22-10-2023, Lausanne Switzerland

Festival des Cinémas Différents et Expérimentaux de Paris, 11-15.10.23, Paris France 

Balkanima, 19th European Animated Film Festival 4.-9.10.23, Belgrade, Serbia

Revolutions per Minute festival, Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts (27.9.-1.10.23), USA

Rising of Lusitania - Animadoc Film Festival 2023, 07-13.09.2023, Poland

Minikino Film Week in Bali, Indonesia September 2023 

Fronteira Cine Brasília, from August 29th to September 3rd. 

Turku Animated Film Festival, 23.-27.8.2023 Turku Finland

Animist Tallinn 16-19 August 2023, Tallinn, Estonia.

Animafest Zagreb, Kroatia 5-10 June 2023.

 Premiere at Espoo Ciné International Film Festival. Espoo, Finland 8/2022.

What Time Is?

Selected for AV-Arkki Festival Catalogue 2020-2021.

8-9/2021 IndieLisboa, Lissabon, Portugal

8/2021 Turku Animated Film Festival. National competition. Turku, Finland.

19.-25.7.2021 Melbourne International Animation Festival. Competitive screening "Abstract Showcase".

1.-4.7.2021 Fest Anča International Animation Festival. Screening "Contemporary Abstract and Non-narrative Animation". Stanica Žilina-Záriečie, Slovakia

21.5-6.6.2021 Kurtzfilm Regensburg, Germany. International competition.

3/ 2021 Festival International du Film sur l´Art (FIFA), Montreal, Canada

1/2021 Minimalen Short Film Festival, Norway

11/2020 Jukka Ruohomäen 50-vuotis säveltäjäjuhla, Musiikkitalo Helsinki./Jukka Ruohomäki 50 year composer career screening, Musiikkitalo Helsinki.

3.-11.10.2020 Curtocircuíto - International Film Festival, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

10/2020 Uuden musiikin lokakuu, Oulu

10/ 2020 Aesthetica Short Film Festival, UK

10/ 2020 Fredrikstad Animation Festival, Norway

20.8.2020 Sähköä ilmassa, Runokuu-festivaali, elokuvateatteri Orion, Helsinki

4.-8.3.2020 Tampere Film Festival- National competition

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

March 2022, Tampere Film Festival, Finland. Screening: "Rituals".

21.-25.8.2019, Turku Animated Film Festival, Finland, retrospektiivi Niina Suominen.

18.3.2017 Kinos-festivaali Lahti, Finland.

In Memoriam

21.-25.8.2019, Turku Animated Film Festival, retrospektiivi Niina Suominen

19.3.2017 Suomen Elokuvasäätiön Lyhyesti kerran kuussa-näytös, Helsinki, Finland

International Short Film Festival Peru 2013 -

25 FPS Festival, Zagreb Croatia 2013

Leiden International Short Film Experience 2013, Nederlands

Tampere Film Festival - National competition, Finland, 03/2013

43rd International Film Festival Rotterdam - AV-arkki P&I screening, 01/2013

A Finnish Fable 2011

14.-16.10.2021, 25th anniversary of Videomedeja Festival. Special program of Sphinx Award Winners. Novi Sad, Serbia.

10.-14.3.2021, Tampereen elokuvajuhlat, Ihminen lajina- teemanäytös

6-15.11.2019, Cultura Fest, Helsinki Finland

21.-25.8.2019, Turku Animated Film Festival, retrospektiivi Niina Suominen

12/2017 Anilogue, Budapest, Hungary

8/2017 Turku animated film festival, Turku, Finland

21-26.9.2017 Nordisk Panorama Film Festival Malmö, Sweden

Art Cinema, Helsinki-Vantaan lentokenttägalleria 2.10.2013

Ozu Film Festival, Sassuolo, Italy, 11/2012

Flip International Animation Festival, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom, 11/2012

Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival

Fine Finnish Frames screening, Bristol, United Kingdom, 07/2012

XXII Message to Man International Film Festival - Competition for experimental films & Silence is golden online competition, St. Petersburg, Russia, 09/2012

L'étrange Festival - Short film competition, Paris, France, 09/2012

Finnish Short Film Night @ Riff Raff Kino, Zürich, Switzerland, 07/2012

12th New Horizons - International Film Festival - International Competition, Wroclaw, Poland, 07/2012

10th In the Palace - International Short Film Festival - Finnish short films screening, Varna, Bulgaria, 07/2012

Peace & Love Film Festival 2012 - Short Film category, Borlänge, Sweden, 06/2012

TAIS Animation Showcase 2012, Toronto, Canada, 06/2012

58th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, AV-arkki market screening, Germany 04/2012

Anirmau '12 - Animation Film Festival - International competition, Lalín, Spain - 04/2012

Lago Film Festival, Revine Lago, Italy. 6/2012

Tampere International Short Film Festival 3/2012

Animax Skopje Animation Festival, Republic of Macedonia , 11/2011

Videomedeja film festival, Novi Sad, Serbia. 12 /2011

28th Helsinki Short Film Festival, competition for animated films, Helsinki, Finland, 11/2011

11th Animatricks Animation Festival - New Finnish Animations National competition, Helsinki, Finland, 10/2011

11th Nordisk Panorama Five Cities Film Festival - Nordic Short Film Competition, Aarhus, Denmark, 09/2011

18th International Animated Film Festival "KROK", International competition, Kiev, Zaporozhye, Sevastopol, Odessa, Ukraine, 09/2011

Reikäreuna Film Festival 2011, Thematic screenings, Orivesi, Finland, 09/2011

AniFestROZAFA 2011, International Competition, Shkodra, Albania 09/2011

9th In The Palace Film Festival municipality competition, Balchik, Bulgaria 06/2011

PRIZES Sphinx Award (1st prize), Videomedeja, Serbia. December 2011

I Call Myself Sane

21.-25.8.2019, Turku Animated Film Festival, retrospektiivi Niina Suominen

Melbourne International Animation Festival 2012, International competition, Australia, 06/2012

Anirmau 12 ́, Animation Film Festival, Lalin, Spain. 4 / 2012

Animax Skopje Animation Festival, Republic of Macedonia , 11/2011

3rd Sadho Poetry Film Festival, Instantsvideo screening, New Delhi, India, 11/2011

12th Animated dreams, 15th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, Tallinn, Estonia, 11/2011

Rio De Janeiro International Short Film Festival - Curtacinema 2011, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 10/2011

Cartes Flux 2011 Media Art Festival, Espoo, Finland 10/2011

Reikäreuna Film Festival 2011, Thematic screenings, Orivesi, Finland, 09/2011

AniFestROZAFA 2011, International Competition, Shkodra, Albania 09/2011

Flow Festival 2011, Future Shorts screening, Helsinki, Finland 08/2011

9th In The Palace Film Festival, AV-arkki Market Screening 06/2011

Kinos 2011 - Short Film Festival, Lahti, Finland 4/2011

Tampere Film Festival, National Competition, Tampere, Finland 03/2011

Videoformes, Clermont-Ferrand, France 03/2011

Akbank 7th short film festival, Istanbul, Turkey, 03/2011

The 7th Berlin International Director ́s Lounge, Berlin, Germany, 02/2011

24th Stuttgarter filmwinter, International Short Film Competition, Stuttgart, Germany, 01/2011

14th International video festival VIDEOMEDEJA, Novi Sad, Serbia, 12/2010

9. - 14.11.2010 27th Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival, Germany

14. - 17.10.2010 ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival, Berlin, Germany

14. - 17.10.2010 Animatricks, Helsinki, Finland

PRIZES 1st prize, Videoformes, Clermont-Ferrand, France. March 2011

Good Stuff

21.-25.8.2019, Turku Animated Film Festival, retrospektiivi Niina Suominen

2018 Oulun uuden musiikin lokakuu

Espoo Cine 27.8.2014, Espoo, Finland

29th Helsinki Short Film Festival 21st Century Finnish Animation Screening, Helsinki, Finland, 11/2012

42nd Tampere Film Festival, AV-arkki - Good stuff - screening, Tampere, Finland, 03/2012

Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival, Bristol, United Kingdom, 09/2012

Animax Skopje Animation Festival, Republic of Macedonia , 11/2011

11th Oldenburg Short Film Days zwergWERK, Oldenburg, Germany, 11/2011

Barbakan Film Festival, Finnish animated shorts screening, Prague, Czech Republic, 11/2011

Reikäreuna Film Festival 2011, Thematic screenings, Orivesi, Finland, 09/2011

Flow Festival 2011, Future Shorts screening, Helsinki, Finland 08/2011

9th In The Palace Film Festival, Balchik, Bulgaria - AV-arkki market screening 06/2011

7th Athens Video Art Festival, Animation programme, 05/2011

IFFF - Dortmund I Köln - International women's film festival - 04/2011

Videoformes, Clermont-Ferrand, France 03/2011

9th Filmmor Women ́s Film Festival, Istanbul, Turkey, 03/2011

12. - 28.11.2010 19ème Festival International Séquence Court-Métrage, Toulouse, France

10. - 12.11.2010 21st LJUBLJANA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (LIFFe 2010), Slovenia

5. - 13.11.2010 Filmets Badalona Film Festival, Barcelona, Spain

1.11. - 31.12.2010 HSL:n Kulttuuriratikka 7A, Helsinki, Finland

23. - 31.10.2010 XVII Festival Internacional de Jóvenes Realizadores de Granada, Spain

18. - 24.10.2010 53rd International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film - DOK Leipzig, Germany 28.9. - 3.10.2010 EcoVision 2010 International Festival of Environment & Cinema, Palermo, Italy - 3. - 12.9.2010 ISAFF OPEN CINEMA International Short & Animation Film Festival, St.Petersburg, Russia

21. - 25.7. Gimli Film Festival, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

9. -31.7.2010 2010 26th International Festival of Animated Cinema and Comics, Rimini, Italy

19.6.2010 De l'impact de l'alimentation sur l'environnement, Institut finlandais, Paris, France

31.5. - 6.6.2010 50th Krakow Film Festival, Crakow, Poland - 26. - 30.5.2010 Manlleu Film Festival, Barcelona, Spain 1.5.2010 - 31.12.2010 Online exhibition of European short films in the course of the RUHR.2010 European Capital of Culture (

1.5. - 6.6. 2010 12th Mo&Friese Children's Short Film Festival Hamburg, Germany

24.4 -1.5.2010 Rec 10 - Festival Internacional de Cinema de Tarragona, Spain

9. - 18.4.2010 The 12th Mecal International Short Film Festival, Barcelona, Spain

17. - 21.3.2010 Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen, Netherlands

10. - 14.3.2010 Tampere International Film Festival, Finland

13.3.2010 Tampere International Film Festival 40 Year Anniversary Screening, Finland

8th KaraFilm festival 2010. Karachi, Pakistan

4.-8.3.2010 Tricky Women 2010. Vienna, Austria

24.2.2010 Doc Lounge. Helsinki, Finland

10.-14.2.2010 Best of Klik! in five cities: Moscow,Voronezh, Rostov-na-Donu, Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Russia

30.1.2010 FLUXEE - Experimental Art & Entertainment Club, Turku, Finland

27.11 -4.12.2009 16th International Film Festival Etiuda & Anima, Crakow, Poland.

19.-22.11.2009 Arktisen upeeta pohjoismaisen elokuvan festivaali / Nordic Glory Film Festival, Jyväskylä, Finland.

11.-16.11.2009 Tehran 14th International Short Film Festival, Iran.

4.-7.11.2009, Kettupäivät elokuvafestivaali , Helsinki, Finland.

22.10 - 25.10.2009 Helsingin kirjamessut, Kopioston Kulttuurikoti-osasto, Finland.

19-25.10.2009 Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Uppsala, Sweden.

10.-17.10.2009 Curtocircuito, Santiago De Compostela, Spain.

25.-30.9.2009 Nordisk Panorama - 5 Cities Film Festival, Reykjavík, Iceland.

20.9.2009 Kosmorama kinoklubi, Turku, Finland.

18 - 20.9.2009 Animatricks, Helsinki, Finland.

17. - 20.9.2009 KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival 2009, Netherlands

23.5.2009, Polar Film Festival, Turku, Finland. - Ensi-ilta / Premiere 22.5.2009 Turun ylioppilasteatteri, Finland.


- 5.9.2010 YLE TV1, Finland. Lukuisia uusintoja

TV-SCREENINGS ABROAD Turner Broadcasting, Latin America and the Caribbean, (pay tv, vod and mobile)


Kunniamaininta / Honorary Mention, Nordic Glory Film Festival 2009, Jyväskylä Finland

Kunniamaininta / Honorary Mention, Kettupäivät elokuvafestivaali 2009, Helsinki Finland

Kunniamaininta / Honorary Mention, Animatricks 2009, Helsinki Finland

Kunniamaininta poliittisen animaation sarjassa / Honorary Mention in the Political Animation Category, Klik! Amsterdam Animation Festival 2009, Netherlands


ARX lastenkulttuurikeskus, Hämeenlinna. Uusix näyttely 22.2.-18.4.2020 esillä teos Hyvä meininki.

Forum Box Helsinki, Mediaboxi, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do 28.11.2014 - 21.12.2014

Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari, HUVIPUISTO 4.10.-19.10.2014 , Animaation apupyörän yhteisnäyttelyssä esillä teos Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.

Villa Roosa, nykytaiteen kesänäyttelyssä Melankolia 2014 esillä teos In Memoriam, Orimattila, Finland.

Porin Taidemuseo, PORI SCREENINGS: 
 KOKEELLISIA LYHYTELOKUVIA ELÄMÄSTÄ JA KUOLEMASTA, teos In Memoriam esillä ajalla 29.11.2013- 19.1.2014.

Helsinki-Vantaa lentokenttägalleria, Art Cinema alkaen 10/2013, teos A Finnish Fable 2011.

Hibiya Library & Museum, Suomalaisen animaatiotaiteen yhteisnäyttelyssä 6/2013 teos A Finnish Fable 2011. Tokio,


Villa Roosa, nykytaiteen kesänäyttelyssä Suuri Näytelmä 2013 esillä teos A Finnish Fable 2011, Orimattila, Finland.

Galleria Rajatila, Tampere Finland. AV-arkin kanssa yhteistyössä järjestettävä animaatioteoksiin keskittyvä näyttely Tampereen elokuvajuhlien yhteydessä.

Taidehalli TR1, Festart, Tampere, Finland 25.2.-25.3.2012 Animaation apupyörä ry:n taiteilijoiden yhteisnäyttelyssä teos A Finnish Fable 2011.

Suomesta -galleria, Anxiety/Relief - Neue Finnische Animationkunst 21.1.-11.2. 2012 Berlin, Germany Animaation apupyörä ry:n taiteilijoiden yhteisnäyttelyssä teos A Finnish Fable 2011.

Villa Roosa, nykytaiteen kesänäyttelyssä Gourmet 2012 esillä teos Hyvä meininki, Orimattila, Finland.

Turun taidemuseon Pimiössä 18.11.2011-15.1.2012 Animaation apupyörä: Jan Andersson, Maria Björklund, Mark Ståhle ja Niina Suominen (teos A Finnish Fable).

Brinkkalan Kassaholvi, Turku, Finland 26.11.-18.12.2011, Animaatioinstallaatio Puhutteva pimeä metsä.

Turun taidemuseon pimiö 8.4.-29.5.2011 Kutsun itseäni terveeksi Animoi-näyttelysarja, Turun Anikistit (Taru Varpumaa, Tommi Juutilainen, Niina Suominen).

Keravan Taidemuseo, ANIMAATIOITA JA MUSTIA PERHOSIA 14.9.-16.10.'11 Animaation apupyörä ry:n taiteilijoiden yhteisnäyttelyssä teos A Finnish Fable 2011.

ANIMOI -näyttelysarjassa 01.-27.11.2011 Porin taidemuseo, MEDIApiste Kutsun itseäni terveeksi ja A Finnish Fable 2011.

2010 "Illusions of Reality" series, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Hyvä meininki / Good Stuff).


VIEW 4. Good Stuff - suomalaisten taiteilijoiden animaatioteoksia (julkaisija AV-arkki)

Tampere Film Festival - Short Films from Finland vol. 6 ( A Finnish Fable 2011)

Tampere Film Festival - Short Films from Finland vol. 5 ( Hyvä meininki)

Kinokompo vol.3 - lyhytelokuvia Suomesta vuodelta 2009 (Hyvä meininki)

Luonnonlaki - 120 000 freimiä vetovoimaisia animaatioita (2008, animaatio Ahneen Palkka)

Pixoff- 43 Shortfilms from Finland (tuotantovuosi 2005, koosteella animaatio Polaris)