Diabolus ex Machina 7'30" (2024)

When the capabilities of technology are pushed over the limits, beautiful devils come out.

Image sequences focused on white screens of consumer electronics,
shot with handheld camera.

What Time Is? 7'15" (2020)

Our present, bleak and desolate.

Found footage, found material and filmwork.

In Memoriam 6'26" (2013)

Abandoned buildings and what will be left of us after we have gone.

Time lapse.

I Call Myself Sane 4'20" (2010)

Sanity in make-shift tabernacles.

Cameraless animation, fim work.


Women's aggression examined.

Animated textile and decor waste in flux.

The destruction of useless things.

Object animation.

Nature and culture collide in the vacancy of the soul. 

Object animation shot outdoors.

Good Stuff 8'13" (2009)

The obscenity of abundance. 

Object animation.