Good Stuff

In this game one person's loss isn't another's gain – everyone loses. In the world of losers different laws prevail and there is always plenty of good stuff around. All the food used for this experimental animation was collected from bins.

The material for this work is thrown away food classified as bio waste. The execution was demanding: I started the collecting round 5am in the morning. A typical catch for a round was about 200 kilos of waste food in huge waste bags. After the round I drove to my studio where I  commenced with organising, cleaning, washing and sorting the material. 

After this I designed different scenes improvising with the material. There are different kinds of fruits, vegetables, sausages and tuna steaks in their last dance before the final fall.

Good Stuff has been one of the most popular of my works and it has been on display practically all the time. 

Niina Suominen: script, design, animation, camera, editing, direction, production, post production.

Risto Ylihärsilä: music.
Jari Uusitalo: camera.
Antti Laakso: post production.
Jani Lehto: sound design.

Produced in co-operation with YLE.
Production supported by The Arts Council of Varsinais-Suomi, AVEK - The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture, West Finland Film Commission.

Honorary Mention in the Political Animation Category, Klik! Amsterdam Animation Festival, Netherlands.

Honorary Mention, Nordic Glory Film Festival, Jyväskylä Finland.

Honorary Mention, Kettupäivät elokuvafestivaali, Helsinki Finland.

Honorary Mention, Animatricks, Helsinki Finland.